My Review of Naval Maneuvers

On my own rating scale, this book has some very sexy plate mail armor, four out of five stars). See my post “Don’t Attack the Sundae” as reference to my rating scale.

First of all, if you are reading this and you served in any branch of the military, thank you for your service.  Also, if you are a supportive military spouse, thank you for your sacrifice. It is a difficult life. 

On with the review. 

Naval Maneuvers is a damn good read.  Flawlessly edited, the author executes three

different stories on the same theme, finding love while serving in the military.  

Each story provides descriptions that tantalize the senses, providing a fast and satisfying tale.  

The stories are believable intrigues of realness. The characters could easily be anyone, and the romance is constructed in truth, both humble and saucy. 

The author knots the stories together using three seafaring terms which are analogous to each woman’s story.  The first story, Weighing Anchor, is about a woman falling in love, only to later find out the main character is in the Navy. It’s a sweet passionate reminder that with love and strength any obstacle can be overcome.  The second tale, Dropping Anchor, is about finding love, no matter the cost or risk.  It’s delightfully delicious with a surprise ending.  The final of the trio, Anchor Home, is a story of love rekindled down a broken road.  It’s about forgiveness and second chances.  

I loved the continuous theme, from story to story, of love fortified through adversity, leading to breathtaking happily ever afters.  

The only small criticism is the author has obvious intricate knowledge of military terms like E-9 or the specific regulations of Uniform Code of Military Justice and is only slightly guilty of not explaining always things a non-military reader will understand. 

Thank you for reading my review! 

I wish you your own happily every after.  

Fair winds and following seas! 

[Please note, in exchange for a free copy of the novel, I agreed to provide a HONEST review.]



  1. This was a great read. Well developed characters and a nice flow. If you didn’t find a man in uniform irresistible before you will after reading this book.

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