My Review of Web of Seduction

Ya’ll this is a hot and steamy novel, and I’m giving it my full Mithril Rating (five out of five stars, please see my post ‘Don’t Attack the Sundae’ for the inspiration to my rating scale.) When I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter, I wanted to celebrate by buying a random author’s book and reading/reviewing the novel. I chose two books. This book was one of them and is well worth the cost!

[WARNING: Adult language and themes may be contained in this review.  Also, the author list a trigger warning at the beginning of the novel]

Zena thinks she’s married the love of her life, but happily every after is complicated when she discovers her husband isn’t what or who he appears.  Dominic has always had his best friend Gabriel’s back, even going as far as to clean up after Gabriel becomes a serial killer. Friendship is tested as Dominic hides Zena once Gabriel becomes physically abusive. An explosive situation becomes even more complicated when Dominic realizes he is in love with Zena.  

The first words that came to mind when I started reading Web of Seduction were ‘appropriately vulgar.’  That probably seems like a bad thing, when in truth, it’s the highest praise.  Mastering a heady combination of sultry and rawness in character design is one of the hardest tasks and something I haven’t seen done this well but a handful of times!  Too often we see dirty language or blatant sexual content, used in unappealing and awkward ways.  This author employs these often misunderstood words and depictions in intelligent ways.  The result is characters who come alive.  It lets the readers hear the voices, see the scenes, and even witness facial expressions.  It is an impressive feat. 

The story unfolds through the eyes of each character.  The transitions between points of view is well timed and smooth.  The author achieves vibrancy of each individual voice which lets the reader feel the emotions as the events unfold.  

Several themes are touched upon throughout the novel: finding love in unexpected times and places, the test and depths of friendship, and the plight of women breaking free from abusive relationships. 

Part erotic paranormal romance and part thriller, the story itself is original with a well crafted and rooted mythos. Every part of the author’s word is explained without long and over complicated descriptions.  Her take on demons and angels is fresh and innovative.  I especially liked the application of supernatural ability to the modern world of information technology which creates an other worldly mob boss with a robin hood complex. 

My only criticism is I wish the last few events of the novel occurred with more detail.  There is a pace about the book that drives the reader to keep turning the page.  That pace is quickened at the end of the novel, which is a release to the conflict and tension the author builds.  However, the concluding events happen a little too fast and would benefit from a little more description.  

Overall, this novel is a decadent delight of forbidden guilty pleasure that I’m sure to reread!  

I talked to the Author and she is writing a sequel. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I’ll let ya’ll know when it releases!

[Please note, I bought this book from amazon and agreed to read and give an HONEST review as a result of a promotion.]

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