My Review of a Tale of Blood and Roses

For the first time, I had a very difficult time writing a book review. Yet, not for the reason you would expect. This novel is simply the best of everything. From the author’s flawless writing style to the beautiful, creative, and captivating plot, EVERYTHING is wonderful.

At first glance, I expected the novel to be a well written take on a secret police force focused on eliminating preternatural and supernatural beings set in modern times. The plot is complicated when the hunter becomes the hunted, leading to a fall through the looking glass. The Heroine finds herself seeking refuge and sanctuary from the one person likely to chop off her head quicker than her own agency, the Red Queen of Wonderland. Passions flared and the main character found love in a twist that leaves the reader emotionally shaken.

The novel delves into bending classic constructs of good verses evil while exploring the undercurrents of defied expectations and trusting despite preconceived ideology. The author clearly knows her Lewis Carroll and shows it with small accurate references, such as there being no true answer to the famed question, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

This author does something I’ve never seen in any book. Each chapter ends with a song listed which emphasizes the mood of the chapter and the story at that point in time. As an author who is heavily inspired by music, I really enjoyed this little window which takes the story even more off the page and into the reader’s imagination.

The work begins with a reference to the Jabberwocky. The main character’s dynamic transformation from slaying the mythological creature, the Red Queen’s protector, to becoming the Queen’s symbolic Jabberwocky transcends the page of the original poem, breathing new life into a classic read.

I NEED a sequel to this novel. It’s just that good.

I’ve given a lot of thought to my rating for this novel. My rating scale is inspired from a quote by Kurt Vonngant and my own love of Dungeons and Dragons (see my post ‘Don’t Attack the Sundae’). My max five star rating is called Mythril Plate Armor, as it is the strongest substance in the D&D world. Yet, I feel this novel reminded me that every now and then, legendary artifacts appear. This novel is nothing short of Legendary. So, with this review, I reveal the first novel to receive a Legendary Artifact rating. Five stars just doesn’t do the work justice.

If I may be bold, let me implore you to take a visit to Wonderland.

[Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an HONEST review.]


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