Self-Care: We Are All Mad Here

Six months into submitting and waiting and writing and editing and reviewing and blogging and…and…and….

There comes a point in this process where you have to step back from your Twitter feed, your blog, your writing, the waiting, and take care of yourself. Self care is easy to preach, but so difficult to achieve. I won’t lie. This process, the road to publication, is paved with exhaustion. I work full time. I have a family. I have an amazing and supportive husband. However, we all find ourselves weakened and need time to rest, time to take a break from our journey.

Recently, I took a few weeks and dialed down my self imposed obligations. I went on a couple of mini vacations and just let myself enjoy life. I’m coming back refreshed and ready to tackle the world and push myself. Dedication is important. Yet, self care is mandatory to survive. We may all be a little mad here, but don’t forget to take a moment to breath before chasing the elusive white rabbit.

Take time for your hobby. Go on an adventure. Take time to soak in a relaxing bath. Take a short walk. Or even just take time to snuggle with your loved one. The small moments of serenity in life, push us through the struggle of our dreams.


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