My Review of Naliyah

Naliyah is a new take on an old myth. The main character finds out she has a disease which makes her need blood to live. With longevity and a strange sun sensitivity, the classic nod to Stoker is there with this author’s own creative flair.

What happens when you find out you’re a vampire in the worst way possible? The young female protagonist travels the world with her father, using the cover of war to hide their feedings. Sheltering and hiding the depth of who and what they are, the father comes across first as any other overprotective parent, but is it more than that? Is he really friend or madman? Lenora does what most girls her age do, she falls in love, with a human. Forbidden romance. Secrets shrouded in lies and ignorance. Can Lenora trust the strange woman who promises to reveal the truth? This tale does have it all!

There are many vampire series in the publishing word. Still, this well written and expertly proofread novel is great example of how new life can be infused into a paranormal staple. Descriptive prose and genuine emotion leap off the page and pull the reader into the mind of the main character. Who’s good and who’s evil is up for grabs even as the book comes to an end. By the last page the reader is invested in the story, and I found myself needing to see what happens next.

I do have a litte constructive criticism. The story was a little slow, slightly erratic at the beginning, and a little short. I wanted more body and fullness to the character development. The parts I really liked best, which moved the story along, seemed a bit rushed.

All in all, if you like vampires, forbidden love, and family drama, then this novel is for you. The novel earns a plate mail rating from me, that’s 4 out of 5 stars. (See my blog post Don’t Attack the Sundae’ for the inspiration of my own rating system.) I truly look forward to the next novel in the series.

I received this book for free in exchange for an HONEST review.


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