My Review of Tristan Evers, M.D.

I love great modern romance books. So many people today are jaded beyond hope of finding their own Happily Ever After. Modern romance reminds us there is actual love and romance in the world. This novel (more of a novella) is directly on target for restoring hope to the reader.

What woman or man doesn’t want the hope of true love after bitter betrayal and divorce? The work delves deep into the themes of finding love in the darkness of your life, as well as the theme of being blind to the true love right in front of your face. The author’s carefully crafted words are a true masterpiece example of tapping into the reader’s own life, creating an immersive relatable reading experience. At the same time, without giving away spoilers, there is a dramatic flare and twist to the climax and ending.

To be honest, initially, I saw the page count and was a little let down before I even started the piece. HOWEVER, the author does an excellent job of telling a complete and fast-paced story in a short amount of time. This book would be great for plane rides, beach reading, or even (in your fast paced life) when you find yourself in need of some ‘me time.’

The only complaint I had was I just wanted more . . . of everything. More romantic moments. More description. I found myself wanting to see more of the conclusion. Still, I feel like the length of the work really emphasizes the whirlwind romance of the MC and adds to evoking a sense of love in chaos within the reader.

This work really shines as a jewel among a sea of an otherwise mundane saturated genre. The book is a beautiful reprieve from the ordinary, a cool breeze on a hot July day, leaving the reader breathless and satisfied.

On my personal rating scale (see my blog post ‘Don’t Attack the Sundae’ for inspiration on my rating scale), I give the work a Mithril Armor score (or 5 out of 5 stars).

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an HONEST review.


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