Blog Tour 2019: Paullette Golden’s “The Baron and the Enchantress”- Spoiler Free Book Review

Paullett Golden did not let me down. True to the realistic world building and intrinsic character building I’ve come to expect from the Enchantress series, the Baron and the Enchantress is quite simply mesmerizing. Golden’s exploration, of the soul, test the characters’ inner resolve to find and claim love ever after.

Lilith is a woman years ahead of her time. Mystery surrounds and clouds her childhood. Who she is becomes a question which brings her closer to happily ever after than even she is comfortable admitting. But what happens when the question is answered? Will the answers she’s sought all her life lead her only to a broken heart?

The Baron is a man of tradition. Well, his own tradition. He walks his own path and is weary of the dutiful task of selecting a Baroness. When he finds the perfect match, he surprises even himself. How does he capture the rare flower when thorns surround his target’s heart? As time plays tricks on his future, can the past crush the fragile shale of hope for true love down to dust?

This Taming of the Shrew motif is rooted into self discovery, themes of inner identity, and breaking the archaic mold women of the time period subscribed to be. Matters of the heart are never as easy in Golden’s books as the stereotypical formula of romance novels. The length of the novel goes further into the Heroine’s Journey providing a struggle for love that invests the reader’s own emotions and heart.

Love is not easy. Love can be soul crushing and painful. Still, the author’s latest work reminds us all that while love may be a battlefield (thank you Pat Benatar) you can find it, peasant or Lord, all the while staying true to who you are.

This is where I’d normally talk about constructive criticism in the work. I have none. This novel sets a high bar and gracefully leaps over the bar, sticking the landing to a perfect ten. That’s right! For the second time ever since I started reviewing books, I am awarding the Legendary rating to the Baron and the Enchantress (that’s more than 5 stars for those not familiar with my own rating scale)!

I want to congratulate Ms. Golden on her new release, and I am waiting with an…tici…pation for the next novel in the series!


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