Blog Tour 2019: Paullett Golden’s “The Baron and the Enchantress”- Casting Call Discussion

FANS! Which Actors and Actresses should be cast as characters from the Enchantress Series? Discuss. GO!



  1. He’s older, but I like Alessandro Nivola for Walter. He was in mansfield park. The actor who plays Poldark would make a great Sebastian. The wife would make a good Lizbeth. I’m not who for Lilith. Rachel Weisz might be too old but she’d be great for the part. Emily Blunt maybe?


    • Thank you, Frances, for participating! I know all of these actors and actresses and think they would all make great choices. The Poldark team might be too typecast at this point, but I can see the resemblance. Considering both Walter and Lilith are a bit older than our typical hist rom heroes and heroines, I can see using experienced actors and actresses. Great contributions!


  2. I’ve not finished so no spoilers! So far I’m seeing Gemma Arterton for Lilith and hands down Jude Law for Walter. Harry should be someone who can play slimy but charming. What do you think of Robert Pattinson?

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    • I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the story as you finish it, Zela. I can certainly see Jude Law for Walter. I would have never thought of Gemma Arterton for Lilith, but now that you mention it, she might be a contender! I laughed quite hard at your suggestion of Robert Pattinson for the rector. Harry isn’t meant to be a bad guy. He’s simply self-interested. And of course, Lilith tends to take everything personally. I can see Pattinson offering that charm mixed with self-centered we need for Harry. And lest we not forget, Harry is meant to be a not bad looking chap. 😉

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  3. I definitely see Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in Harry Potter) as Walter. They have amazing similarities. Love the red hair. Also perfect for Hazel’s son. I would go ahead and cast Emma Watson for Lilith and Alan Rickman, if he were still with us, or Reverend Sands. I loved these actors before and see them taking the characteristics of these new characters from the book. Perfection.

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    • This gave me such a giggle, Sid! You can’t begin to imagine what a Potterhead I am. Rupert Grint would be a perfect Walter. I would have never thought of him for the role, but now that you mention it, the resemblance can’t be unseen! Especially their love for food. I think Emma would be lovely as Lilith. As for Alan Rickman, you won’t believe this, but I based the rector off of the character Obediah Slope from The Barchester Chronicles. A very young Rickman played Slope in the BBC version of the book. Slope and Sands are completely different people, but Slope was the initial inspiration for Sands. You have good taste!


  4. My choices for a fantasy cast for The Earl and the Enchantress were almost automatic. Sebastian, from the initial contact in the library, would need to be tall, muscled, dark of hair and eye, but with a smile that could convey a wealth of different emotions. I’d love to see that role filled by Michael Fassbender.
    Across from him, I see Anna Popplewell. She would have the ability to play a classic beauty, more than capable of ignoring the social norms, and would have the classic features to portray a reluctant society woman well.


  5. I love Pedro Pascal as the Baron. His smile just makes me think of how the Baron smiles and laughs. I love the idea of Leighton Meester as Lilith. Definitely a woman who paves her own way!


    • I admit that I had to look up some of these names. Haha. I think they could all be contenders. Love Anne Hathaway for Lizbeth. I laughed so hard at the younger Banderas! Would certainly give a new dimension to Drake! I’m not too familiar with Pascal or Meester, but my Googling reveals they have promise. I think we need to hold auditions with our line up. 😉

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